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Written By: mellow - Aug• 18•14

Are you ready to kick up your consumption of fruits and vegetables in the easiest way possible?

Check out Blendfresh whole food blends.

Blendfresh WholeBlends
Imagine getting forty-eight, that’s 48, whole food fruits and vegetables in every one of your smoothies. That is A LOT of variety. Best of all, you will be getting all the same vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrients that you would be getting if you were to eat them all fresh. Yep, that’s right – pretty much the same thing as eating all those fruits and veggies fresh!

All you need is a blender. If you don’t have one, then you can take advantage of the Blendfresh club Blendtec blender discount and get a world class commercial blender at a 70% discount. That’s right, you would pay approximately 30% of what you would pay for a Blendtec blender if you were to purchase it directly from the factory.

Blendfresh Fruits & Veggies

But let’s remember the important factor here is that you can eat super healthy in a super easy way. No need to stuff your refrigerator with 48 different fruits and vegetables. No more throwing away produce that goes bad in your fridge. You won’t have to slave in your kitchen preparing so much food to eat healthy. Most “health” powders are full of additives and preservatives and are processed in such a way that whatever good stuff the food had in the beginning is sucked right out before it makes it into the container.

You owe it to your body, to your health and to yourself to check out this latest REAL solution to eat healthy the easy way. Head on over to WholeBlends for more details.

Vitamix Blenders

Written By: mellow - Nov• 13•12

Are you interested in making a significant improvement with regard to your health? Do you want to lose weight and feel great! You definitely need to think about a Vitamix. Individuals who own one, take their health and well-being very seriously. This home appliance is beyond doubt the king of all residential blenders. Appliances typically litter most kitchens and have for years. How many of them truly improve your health and daily life? The Vitamix is an appliance created to be on the counter-top and used. They have been in the business of making blenders for upwards of 70 years. Able to reach speeds more than Two-hundred mph when blending, the motor on these things are stunning. You can make anything with them. Although, they do command a high price.

The benefits to health and quality of life that comes with a Vitamix can easily outweigh the price of this blender as well as the expense of illness. You will eat more garden-fresh vegetables and fruit. More vitamins and minerals are easily accessible for you to absorb as a result of blending. Fat reduction can take place practically with no trouble when you start using your blender . Having a Vitamix is a straightforward means to improving your health, losing wight and feeling better about your figure.

I whole-heatedly recommend trying one. When you buy a Vitamix, included is a Dvd video, operating handbook, and full-color recipe book to help you get on track. You will immediately recognize the company’s commitment to high quality by means of how well they treat you. You are going to always be supported in a friendly and well-mannered way by the customer service associates. They are able to provide you with anything from clarification on how to operate to how to improve your recipe. Few companies make an effort to be the best on the market in every facets of their business – from quality products to award-winning customer service. Without doubt, you are in great hands when you choose to become part of the Vita-mix family.

The overall performance of this blender is really unparalleled. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, you will not find it easy to unearth bad press or reviews about Vitamix.  No matter how premium, high tech, or even minimalistic your current kitchen is actually, this kind of appliance will certainly fit right in.  Many appreciate the performance, while some take delight in the user friendliness and ease of operation. No matter what your personal emphasis, your expectations will be met and much more. It will become your go to nutrition center.

Many thousands of consumers rate it among the best on every well-known review websites. It certainly is impressive, nevertheless, the praises don’t end there. A Vitamix is extraordinary for the reason that it is pretty close to perfection for a blender. The product incorporates a large capacity jar which is easy to wash. The industry’s best warrantee is very simple and clear-cut. The manufacturer is without a doubt focused upon superior customer care.

Now, do you still presume spending $500 for a blender to be outlandish? Your health is worth every penny. Don’t take my word for it. Take advantage of a Vitamix promotion code and try one out. You can even use it for one month before you decide to keep it. Trust me, you are going to want to keep it.

A Special Diet That Works

Written By: mellow - Oct• 03•12

I have been on and off this diet several times over the course of the past 20 years, so I am quite familiar with it. The diet definitely works. I just restarted this past week. My goal is to lose 30lbs and I am down 6, with 24 to go.

1. For Tuesday dinner

I saute ground beef (or Gimme Lean meat substitute), then add organic tomato broth to it (low sodium, no msg). Add peppers and onions. I serve it over a plate of spaghetti squash. It’s really delicious and the next best thing to eating real spaghetti and sauce.

2.For any vegetable night

I love the frozen winter squash, cooked with a little stevia or xylitol for sweetness and a few sprinkles of cinnamon. Its the next best thing to eating sweet potatoes! I dont eat this instead of greens – I eat this in addition to greens.

3. For Friday lunch

Yummy spinach. Take fresh baby spinach or frozen chopped spinach and cook to get it soft. Mix in 1/4 – 1/2 cup of low fat organic ricotta cheese. Add pepper, garlic, and onion. Cook until done. Then top with a few slices of low fat organic provolone or low fat organic mozzarella cheese and cover so the cheese melts on top. This is one of my favorite meals all week!

4. For Thursday lunch

I love low fat organic cottage cheese. Take a cup and add a little stevia or xylitol for sweetness and a dash of cinnamon, and mix together. That is all you do, then eat it. For me, this is like eating dessert. Sometimes I have a double portion with no consequences. And on Thursday I have 2 hard boiled eggs on the side.

5. Wednesday dinner or replace any chicken meal

I don’t eat lamb or chicken due to allergies, so I substitute with white-meat pork or cubed tofu. This recipe takes longer to cook, but I make it on the weekend and have several containers ready to heat during the week. First lightly sear pork chops or tofu until browned, Then, in a large pot, saute one chopped onion in a bit of organic low sodium vegetable broth until the onions caramelize. Then add organic carrots. Cover the onions and carrots with organic vegetable broth and organic onion soup. (I use Pacific brand, these are VERY low calorie and all natural). I use a whole container (the large box) of vegetable broth and 1/2 container of the onion soup. Then add the browned tofu or pork and bring to a boil. The tofu will be ready to eat in a few minutes (when the carrots soften), the pork must be simmered on low an additional 4 hours.

The Pretty Victoria is FINALLY Pregnant (+replies)

Written By: mellow - Sep• 27•12

Hey pretty girls! I have read all your emails and some of you are really doing very great! Keep that up!

Faye, that’s AWESOME you walked to church! If your weather was like ours yesterday – it would have been a nice time to be out and soak up Mother Nature.

Sharon, it’s total Carbs, Total Fat, Protein and Dietery Fiber. I love my WW app on my phone!

Claudia, congratulations for being away from home and staying OP – that’s a huge NSV in itself. Was this a weight you were at for a while on your way up? I wonder if that’s not my problem since Christmas. I “think” this is the weight I was when Elizabeth was born. They say that can be a contributing factor to your hanging on to THIS weight.

Connie, my daughter’s colors are navy blue and silver. I just got my shoes at Penney’s – they’re like my “glass slippers” – have a clear acrylic base and then glittery silver strappy things on top. A friend of mine got an eggplant Alex Evening dress similar to mine (although short bolero jacket and it gathers over to the side and slit up the leg) but it’s very similar – -same rhinestones around the jacket front. The fabric on these dresses lays really nice and the sizes seem to be true (which in itself is a miracle!)

Mary, after your post I felt I should be singing “hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to WW we go… ” LOL But YES!

Rebecca – you can make it through this week. After all, one of these comes every year so bet you’ll take a WW dish to all those “dish to pass” functions. No? By the way, if you like “flavors”, get your water in via the Crystal Lights or other flavored zero calorie drinks. I also buy that “Tru Orange/Lime/Lemon” packets and use 1-2 in a huge glass of water for an additional flavor. Good plan on beefing up the exercise! You can do this!

Shawn, corn dogs aren’t that awful point-wise, no sauces on them, etc. Every once in a while I get REALLY hungry for those and have to have one. I’ve found that SOME lemon shake-up vendors will do them with artificial sweetners! I fix those for myself at home a lot – - diet sweetener, of course.

Dianne, that’s AWESOME you’re down in the low 160′s. WOO HOO! Girls, (for those that are new) way back in 2010, there was Dianne, myself and Victoria – we called ourselves the “3 Muskateers” as we had all joined about the same time, were neck and neck weight-wise (all hoping to reach ONEDERLAND together) and Dianne was always in the rear. Well, she caught up, went ahead and MILES ahead of both of us. Victoria is FINALLY pregnant at the moment (Congrats to her!). So Dianne has been the bright shining STAR of this trio – I’m so proud of her (and envious!)

Chris, sounds like you’ve identified where you could make some changes and are planning for the week ahead. GOOD for you girl! You can do this. For the past months, I’ve been living the “if you sort of do it, it sort of works” plan which is NOT where I want to be either. By the way, the Crystal Light slushies sound good! I best get my blender out and on the cupboard again! What about red/white/blue veggie sticks, cherry tomatoes, kohlrabi and drawing a blank on the blue! How about white peaches instead of the marsh-mellows? Green grapes? (CLOSE?) Maybe I need to get a Ninja . my blender takes up so much room and is a pain to use.

Kelley, when I’m using my WW scanner on my phone and it’s a Hyvee brand, I quickly check the back of the name brand and compare and usually it’s the SAME stats so I just scan the name brand, get the points from that and then buy the HyVee brand. What I NEED to do though is carry a sharpie marker with me and when I identify the WW points, write it on right then and there!

Gotta head out to work and won’t be at a computer ’til tonight… working with volunteers this morning on our newsletter and then have Dr. appt for mother. Later!

Gotta Try Some New Products

Written By: mellow - Aug• 22•12

Hi All! Finally made it up to North Jersey yesterday and my sister and I went to Trader Joes. Bought 3 boxes of the No Pudge Brownies. I am gonna make them today. Also got 2 bags of the Captains Booty. My Mom said she liked the cheese but gave the vegetable one to the birds, oh well! Picked up 2 bags of chopped spinach which I thought was good since I don’t always need the whole 10oz box. Someone recently posted a recipe for their homemade version of the Smart Ones Radditoli (?) that sounded really good. Also got the chocolate “cat” cookies for people…15 are equal to one point .

Going to try to sit today and make up a list of items I have on hand and how many points they are. I am a grazer after dinner, switching from “salty” to “sweet.” Figured this would help by just looking at the list. Also want to put snacks in small containers for work to make it easier than going for something not on program or to high in points. Picked up some of that Chex Morning Mix at Sam’s the other night. One bag equals 3 points.

Nancy – thanks for your review of Subway’s breakfast for me. You could write for a paper or magazine. But I get you! THANKS! I drive right by an open Subwway in the morning. Maybe I should try it. How many points was that breakfast sandwich?

Nancy, do you have “Casey’s General Stores” there near you? I have one of their hashbrowns every single morning on my way to work. better than McD’s IMHO and only 2 points! McD’s used to be 4 pts – not sure where they are in the new plan. But I highly recommend Casey’s for 2 pts - they’re baked, not fried but taste fried.

Fran, it’s the SF devils food cake mix, 2 small greek non-fat yogurt (vanilla) and 1 cup of water. Stir and bake according to directions on the packet. No one knew it was a WW cake. I made a thin icing to drizzle on with whipped WW cream cheese, a little powdered sugar and almond flavoring and low fat milk to thin it to drizzle thickness.

Pam, wouldn’t your protein canapes be the same points? Really, I think they’d really be only 1 point, don’t you think??

Judy, a loss is a loss, not fun way, but at least going down. You’re close to being in the 200′s again – can you taste it?

Oh katey, I’m so sorry! It’s hard when things happen to upset our status quo. Sorry you went off program yesterday because of your attack. Hang in there TODAY – you can do it. Veggies, fruit, low point protein - you can do it and you’ll LOVE yourself on WI day.

Diana! I’m across the river! (Well, at the moment (work)…live on your side!) Which WW are you going to and when are you going?

New Confidence – Get Fitter and Dress Nicer!

Written By: mellow - Jul• 18•12

Claudia’s experience of conquering her fear of stairs made me think about something I had read saying that when people lose weight they start to gain confidence in other areas of their lives too. Any one notice that?

I think for me the big difference is that I feel more optimistic about everything in general, like life is a grand adventure again.

One area I have noticed is how I dress. It is more than just having a wider variety of clothes since I have gone from a size 34 to a size 22, but how I dress. I refuse to wear pants with elastic any longer. I opt more for clothes that show I have a waist, rather than tops that hang straight down and are full with no shape. One of my favorite outfits right now is gray dress slacks, a pink and gray (varying shades) print blouse that isn’t tight, but hugs my torso slightly, with a pink shrug (I still will not show my upper arms, but I am working on them, but think it may be too late). Before losing weight I never would have thought to wear that, and today I get compliments every time I wear them! I don’t dress like a teen, but wear younger looking clothes.

Going to a water park, too. I enjoyed it last summer, plan to go again this summer.

One of my biggest WOW moments, is the fact that before losing weight, and tightening my tummy with belly dance drills, when I would get in my Jeep my belly would be squeezed in under the steering wheel. It was uncomfortable to drive, then having the seat belt so tight against me. Now, I easily get in behind the wheel with a good 5 or so between my belly and the steering wheel, and even in my winter coat have no problem getting the seat belt over me.

I really think this can be a great reminder for all of you about looking nice while losing weight. Frankly I was never one to dress nice when over weight. As I started losing I started making myself wear lipstick and thinking about looking better when I went to the store. My old stuff was sweats and tennis shoes. Somehow looking nice made me feel like I was worth it.

However, some people I know get annoyed because of some relatives of them that either go one way or the other dressing…that I think is up or down, sloppy or nice. I don’t care what your size is, when you are outside your house you should look your best.  Many might disagree with me, but this is how I feel.  Take proud in yourself.  Cases in point, have an overweight cousin, she’s overweight but dresses very nice.

Another point – my sibling, she’s overweight and I don’t care where we go she looks like a slob. Seriously, my husband told his brother, your wife needs to buy some clothes. They have the money as she spends oodles of cash on their two dogs. We just went on a cruise with them and they take a photo when you come onboard…

I was shocked at what she was wearing, and her excuse was I want to be comfy. I couldn’t believe it. I was dressed nice and not sloppy, not to pat myself on the fashion back, lol. But I said hey if you’re comfortable but I wouldn’t dress that way

Stop Once, Take Forever to Catch Up!

Written By: mellow - Jul• 14•12

I have been off the computer a good bit these last few days, so I apologize for not replying to several emails.

I am just so tired this week. I’ve been having some weird problems with the bulging disk in my back – I have a small swollen spot on my left shin that has an “electric” tingle to it when I stand or walk – LOL - and I’ve had a couple of days where I was having problems “holding it” when I was going to the bathroom. Not complete incontinence or anything, but just enough to concern me! My Physical therapist is going to call my family doctor about me coming in and being seen.

I had my annual mammogram today. I have physical therapy tomorrow. I have my second steroid injection for my back on Friday morning. LOL.

I think I am also trying to adjust to football practice. My youngest son practices Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri from 6:00-8:30, and it has been hot, and by the time we get home, it’s time to wrap up and get ready for bed. My older son is going to try out for the middle school team, so he is not practicing yet. The first day of school is August 25, and try-outs are the 25th, 26th, and 27th.

I am concerned about my daughter. She is a senior at Iowa State in Ames, Iowa, and they are having major flooding. They have closed many of the highways and parts of the interstate. The water has been shut off due to possible contamination. All the bottled water at the one store that was open was gone (Wal-Mart and Target are closed due to their parking lots being under water). The girl that has the basement bedroom in their rental house has 4-5 inches of standing water in her room. Just a mess! The DesMoines area is really bad too, so be praying for those people. We used to live in Waukee, Iowa – that is a western suburb of DesMoines/West DesMoines. Wonderful area.

I am currently feeling so bad and I feel that I’m doing terrible with my food choices as I haven’t tracked in days, and honestly, I am so tired during the day I just go around in a trance and eat whatever. I could not go to the WW meeting today due to the mammogram schedule, but I should be able to go tomorrow either before or after my physical therapy appointment. There is a 10:00 and a 12:30 meeting, and my PT appointment is 11:00-12:00, so I could go to either one. The 12:30 would be the best because I can stay for the whole meeting. If I go to the 10:00, I will have to leave early to get to my PT appointment on time.

I am going to make an effort to get back involved with our group here as that always helps! For some reason, I am just in a funk – I feel a  little blue, not really depressed, just down and blue – no reason, really – shouldn’t be hormones either as it’s only Day 11.

Okay – just wanted to check in. I am melting here in today’s heat! Trying to stay indoors as it is over 100 degrees with the heat index. Luckily there is no football practice tonight since it is Wednesday. Brad does have a birthday part to go to at Pump It Up tonight – so I don’t get to stay home and relax!

Current Favorite Veggie Recipe, Fajitas

Written By: mellow - Jul• 10•12

This is my new favorite recipe. I made it up the other day, and for me its a “must do”. I like it with chicken and i like it with just veggies. when i make it with just veggies, its very good in a tortilla with a slice of gooey cheese melted over it. I can’t believe these are fajitas

  • 2 red peppers
  • 2 yellow squash
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 2 small or 1 large onion
  • 1 T mexican chili powder
  • 1 T garlic
  • 1 T oil
  • 2 T of flour
  • 1 can ff or low fat chicken broth
  • 2 cups cooked chicken

Chop all the vegetables. put the oil in a nonstick skillet and stir the veggies in. When they are starting to wilt, put the chicken broth in and cook the veggies in the broth with everything else but the chicken. Cook every thing down till there is just a very litle liquid in there, then stir in the flour with a wisk and let get thick. by this time the veggies should be completely done. Add the chicken and then put it in a warmed tortilla. The whole recipe made 8 good sized amounts. The way that i counted it is, 8 points for all the chicken . 1 T oil is 3 pts. 11 pts broth is 0, flour is 0 also. I don’t count the veggies. The whole pan making 8 servings, I stretched the points to 1 and a half, not counting the tortilla of course.

Can you figure out most of what was in it? If you can, use the Recipe Builder on Weight Watcher’s site and try to figure it out! It might be a little tricky, but at least you’ll have an idea. Ok, in case you’re interested, here’s my menu for today:


  • 2 eggs(cooked in Pam)
  • 1/6 oz shredded Pizza cheese
  • 1/2 c green peppers
  • 2 slices of Nature’s Own Double Fiber Bread(0 pt for 1 slices, 1 pt for
  • 2 slices, AWESOME bread!)
  • Total=6 pts


  • Lean Cuisine Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes tv dinner(5)
  • Salad of: lettuce, green peppers, carrots, cucumbers, and celery plus
  • FF dressing(1 for dressing)
  • WW Yogurt(1)
  • Total=7 pts


  • 4.5 oz spaghetti(5)
  • 1/4 c Ragu Traditional Pasta Sauce Flavored with Meat(1)
  • 1 oz Pizza blend cheese(2)
  • 2 c Skim milk(didn’t get in earlier)(1.5)
  • Total=9.5


  • 2 c Act II Butter Lovers Popcorn(2)
  • 1 GS Samoas Cookie(2)
  • 1 Raspberry Danish(2)

Total points for day=28.5(22 dailies plus 6.5 weekly points)
Activity: 64 mins on the treadmill, earned 4 APs!

Normally I go there at 9:00 on Thursday and don’t eat a bite before I get there, lol. One gal was 0.2 away from 50# and she went to pee and came back and weighed again and bingo! My mindset has me in there as early as I can get there, lol. Anyway, join me if you can!

Don’t Think about the Result Before You Start “Feeling” the Fat Loss

Written By: mellow - Jul• 06•12

Hey Evening!

I had some food challenges today but thought I did pretty good. I did splurge on this wonderful garlic bread they served unexpectedly with the salad at noon and then board meeting tonight where dinner’s served. Did well – passed up on the “pink lemonade dessert” that everyone ate but then getting ready for the full meeting, they put out TEXAS SHEET CAKE.

I can’t pass that stuff up. Took a tiny tiny piece but then ate 2 more really tiny 1″ square pieces before the night was over. So there goes my weekly points probably – haven’t pointed it but at least I know that’s my major challenge and why I refused to make it for my granddaughter. I can’t be trusted with it!

Mary, do you just keep changing e-mail addy’s? Seems your emails come through with different sender’s names all the time! LOL

Kelley – Great NSV. Isn’t that great when folksk FINALLY notice. I’ll be that’s huge motivation to keep on. I’ve only taken off 10 this summer too – it’s been a hard 10 lb. Any news on a job for your daughter?

Nelda – welcome! You have come to a good place here. That’s awesome that you lost 15 on your own and now quite a bit more since Weight Watchers. It’s an easy plan to live with, I think. Keep up the good work! How much do you hope to lose?

Shelleen, seems like some great AP’s while on vacation. Good luck - you’re doing great.

Nancy, having a good mindset helps but you definitely can’t think of it as a “diet” – it’s got to be a lifestyle change. Diets you go off. Eating healthier has to be for life. I really think it helps your mind realize THIS is it so you don’t feel as deprieved. I think of like my husband who is a diabetic or others who have food allergies. They have to adapt and as a fat person, I have to learn to adapt too. 45 pounds is wonderful! Keep it going . . .

Rebecca, how was the date Tuesday night? Gonna see him again?

Nancy, isn’t that so rewarding to see those changes like all the walking . . . or riding rides without having to squeeze into seats or swim suit appearance, etc. You HAVE made a huge difference in your life already - pat yourself on the back. You’re doing GREAT!

You Guys Are All Doing AWESOME!

Written By: mellow - Jul• 02•12

Hey Andrea, sorry haven’t been checking mail for a few days.

Well, that’s great that the songs went off ok and Jeff appreciated your efforts! I’ll bet that was really touching. Nice you and your mom
could get there ahead to make sure all was lined up ok AND time for you to get “buffed up” as you put it. Bet it made it a lot easier to know all was in place prior to the party.

That’s just not the way my hubby is any more. His personality has changed tremendously over the past 8-10 years because of his heart and diabetis issues. Next Saturday (my birthday) will mark my 5th month on program. In this whole 5 months he has not said one word about what I’m eating, how I look or referenced one single thing. But like you said, I’m not doing this for him – I’m doing it for ME. This was a promise I made to myself to not be a blob in my daughter’s wedding pictures and I’m FINALLY on a program that I’m losing weight. I’ve tried off and on over these 21 years but couldn’t get past the first 10 lb. So I’m THRILLED with being near 40 lb. lost. I won’t be at goal by June but I’ll be a heck of a lot better than I would had I not started this May 23rd!!!

I have this big fundraiser for work tonight that I’m basically doing solo and can’t believe the ENERGY I have and ability to tote and carry things. I’m already a different person.

Anyway, I’m so glad the anniversary party was a success and that Jeff “melted” when you sang to him. Aweeeeee, that’s sooo sweet! Nice to hear from you again – - TAKE CARE. Hope you can wear that fancy size 2 before Winter!

Gale, I hear ya! While mine hasn’t been .2 each week it’s been up and then down the same amount it seems! Someone said it’s winter and the body is storing up? Suppose that could be it? Hate to blame it on the fruit.
Carol, thanks for the input . . . I saved it and will study it more when I’m back home and have the time. I’m really frustrated with not losing like I was.

Claudia, you’re close to Ft. Sill? They gave us a map and I saw it. Just asked hubby (I’m tired) and said “isn’t that Ft. Sill?” and he asked who lived there and I told him. He said “Watch out for the impact area” and when I asked him what that was, he said YOU would know. Do ya? I still don’t.  (He did his AIT training and NCO schooling there) I guess we’re going over into OK tomorrow. Might be closer? But won’t be there long, I guess. I’m closer to your neck of the woods but not quite there.

Mary, sorry you’re disappointed with your loss this week . . . .

Lynette: AWESOME!!! Keep on . . .

Well, been up for 19 hr. and this chick has had it . . . NIGHT!

What A Great Thursday! Thanks Weight Watcher

Written By: mellow - Jun• 28•12

Hey buddies, here are my replies to all your mails last week. Check it out!

Kim S: Such good advice . . . every ounce lost is GONE and that much closer. Gotta keep saying that to myself.

Weight Watcher is really powerful. Just wish I would have started earlier on this ourney.

Victoria: Scotch-a-roo are NOT WW. Basically a rice krispie bar but with 1/2 cup of peanut butter added to the butter and melted marshmellows and then the frosting is 12 oz. of chocolate chips & 12 oz. of butterscotch chips. YUMMY but oooooohhhhh so fattening. Nope, won’t be eating any tomorrow or anytime soon. Just have to make them for tomorrow night’s concession stand. I’m using my points on Papa Murphy’s pizza.

Donna, CONGRATS on the other extra minutes on the elipitical. That thing is HARD!

Tamara, aren’t those apples & mousse WONDERFUL? Sinfully delicious . . . .

Claudia . . . yep, day 1 down (1 more to go). Left the house at 7 and home at 9:30 pm – running the WHOLE day! But 3/4 of the stuff is loaded into the church. Down to the cooking part and a few other loose ends tomorrow before I have to shove off here by 2 pm to make pick ups.

Jenni: Evansville, eh? That’s where my husband graduated from college (yes, a purple ace) and he lived there for a while after graduation. Yes, I think re-wiring your brain is exactly what we’re in the process of doing. I’ve really mentally made food not as important as it once was and that helps. Now instead of thinking of what fattening thing I can order in a restaurant, I’m thinking about what low point yummy dinner I can order instead and ENJOY the people I’m with instead. When did you start, Jenni? I see you started at 247 and I was 253 but I’m only at 218.4 at the moment.

Andrea, thanks for poking your head in and giving a report of YOUR anniversary celebration. Sounds like it went pretty well. Didn’t you plan and do some special music and such too? How did that go? I’ll bet you looked fabulous in your size 6! That’s nice you got to go to Vegas for a few days too.

Welcome July! WOW, you are an inspiration to have lost 92 lb already and hanging in like you are and looking ahead to your goal. You can do it! This group is awesome at supporting each other and some great tips along the way too.

Well ladies, busy day tomorrow and I’ve sufficiently relaxed down. Will handle the clothes in the washer and head to bed. I’ll be doing the happy dance tomorrow night once this big fundraiser for work is over. At least now (year 2 of this event), my boss isn’t nervous and told me he’s looking forward to a lovely fun evening . . . WHEW!

*Sorry I don’t know what my son has done with the forum and I just can’t seem to open it now. So the only way to keep in touch with you guys is through email and this blog at the moment.